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Real Estate Agent Headshot | Parkland Photographer

Angela Pugatch is a Realtor located in Parkland Florida.  She is passionate about locating the house that is perfect for you.  I photographed Angela’s headshot photography session inside her beautiful home.  I personally love photographing headshots using the location as my background instead of a backdrop.    I feel the images have more life to them and the final product will reflect who you really are.

If you wish to list your home with Angela,  you can contact her at

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Corporate Head Shots | Fort Lauderdale Photographer

Woot! Woot! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s shoot –   120 head shots for  CHG Healthcare Services located in Fort Lauderdale.  This will be an all day event.  If your company needs head-shots for the entire staff, please give me a call and I will quote a price for you.  My phone number is 954/260-5460

Fort Lauderdale Beach Family Portraits | Professional Family Photographer

Whew! The “H” family visited Fort Lauderdale during a week when we had rain every day. Since the forecast did not look promising for a family photography session on the beach, we agreed to give it a try and good fortune was on our side. There were so many great photographs to choose from in their final proofing gallery.  Visiting from out of town? Family pictures on the beach is gift to yourself that will last a lifetime.

Family Pictures on the Beach | South Florida Beach Photographer

Thank you to the “K” family for allowing me to be part of your family celebration.  Everyone flew into Fort Lauderdale to celebrate their dad’s milestone birthday.  With the beach as their setting, fun was had by all.  We were so lucky with the weather during this photo session.  It had been raining every day, but when it was our scheduled time to shoot, the rain stopped and the light was perfect.

Family Pictures on the Beach _ Lori Barrett Photography

Family Pictures On The Beach | Broward County Photographer

The “R” family was a joy to work with.  Their children got to experience the beach for the first time in South Florida.  I just love looking at their expressions! Having your family pictures photographed on the beach are portraits you will always treasure.

Family portraits on the beach

Family portraits on the beach